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Web Emerse is a partner that can offer you Industry leading services from planning your strategy to creating custom websites, or mobile applications. Rest assured our team is here to serve you, and GROW your business!

Whether it is helping you put the technological pieces in place or the below full service game-changers...working with us gives YOU the advantage!

Web Development
  • Professional Custom Design
  • Optimized For Conversions
  • The Latest Developmental Technologies.
  • Lead Generation
  • Industry Leading SEO Services
  • Results Driven Customized Strategy
  • Facebook, Google Adwords, YouTube advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • ROI Focused Strategies
  • Leveraging Search & Ad Networks
  • Landing Page & Ad Design
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    Web Emerse will drive your product forward

    Present your product, start up, or portfolio in a beautifully modern way. Turn your visitors in to clients.

    • Universal & Responsive

      Web Emerse work is universal and will look smashing on any device.

    • User Centric Design

      Web Emerse takes advantage of common design patterns, allowing for a seamless experience for users of all levels.

    • Clean action-ready code

      Performance is key and our code and applications are ready to deliver.

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    The Web Emerse Advantage

    We were founded in 2001! That means we have been working on sites and online businesses since their infancy. In that time web sites have evolved from online brochures to integrated conversations. We can help you better stack up and take advantage of the ever-evolving channels to grow your voice and business.

    What's Next?
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    • Web Emerse Testimonial Avatar

      During my tenure at the National Conference of Black Mayors, we struggled fitfully with a less-than-optimal website before we engaged the services of Web Emerse, led by Kevin Hailstock...acted as a de facto partner in establishing a coherent digital strategy that advanced NCBM’s work in support of NCBM’s Mayors’ Challenge to Buckle Up America, and seminars on technology applications for municipalities.

      Keith Hinch, Project Manager

    • Web Emerse Testimonial Avatar

      Everyone has experienced a time in their career when they hold in their hands what they believe to be a great idea, they don’t have the resources to do it, they know it will work and need others to believe in that dream to make it a reality. I share the ACE Award with Kevin Hailstock for being a trailblazer. All hail Kevin, a man of great character and belief!

      David Boddie, Founder @ Federal Allies.

    • Kevin is a consummate professional. He has done work for Howard University Hospital's Program in Spirituality and Medicine, to include web design, web updating and I have referred him to other clients who were also very pleased with him. It is my distinct opinion that he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do.

      Dr. Glenda Hodges, Division Director @ Howard University Hospital

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