Build A More Profitable Online Business

You know there is significant opportunity online but you're not confident your current strategy is enough. You have standout experience and expertise but you see less experienced peers excel online.

How We Help

Web Emerse helps experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who are ready to attract more of their ideal customers and clientele so that they can scale up their income and impact, while scaling down their day-to-day.

Online Marketing

Gain newfound confidence in your online marketing strategy. Leverage social media platforms and search engines to target and be found by your ideal customer and clients.

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Market Analysis

Our methodology includes competitive analysis so you can rest assured of a sound strategy based on powerful data driven insights and high performing market leading models.

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Turn-Key Solutions

Our services, the consultative process you experience, and the products, programs, solutions produced are designed to be turn-key. We co-create with you and continuously improve.

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Unlocked Advantage

Our unique ability to pleasantly uncover and extract the choicest parts of your expertise and experience, to create exponential returns like never before.

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100% Satistifaction

We follow the Golden Rule of Business and operate in the spirit of True Partnership. Our focus is on results achieved not activity. Results Guaranteed.

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Plug and Play

We will multiply your impact, reduce your workload, and scale revenue. Not just pieces. Not just landing pages. Not just funnels. Not just more traffic.

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Expert Empire Engine™

Get ready to set sights on what you truly want to accomplish online. By tapping into our creativity, tools, technology, and tactics you can rest assured... the best is in front of you, the worst is behind you.

You CAN achieve the results you are looking for online!

You need a cohesive Automated Online Customer Attraction Campaign that generates high-paying clients for your signature program that is unique to you – your stance, story, and system. Not just pieces.

Not just landing pages. Not just funnels. Not just more traffic.

These are the steps to online success and your Expert Empire™.


ALIGN - Speak Through You

Through fun filled, strategic conversations that pleasantly extract your expert gold...You’re going to tap into the ease & power of YOUR authentic voice. We will select your Signature Path to online success!

Benjamin Young
Co-Founder, Nexercise Inc.
“Ever since I've started coaching it's really helped me frame things, explore ideas, and evolve as a business person. I really appreciate and highly recommend to anyone who wants to take it to the next level. ”

ACTIVATE - Build and Launch What's Next

Get jumpstarted online. Confidently and successfully launch your first or next signature product or program profitably. So you can gain new levels of awareness and appeal. Save time, frustration, and unneeded expense. Stop wasting time and money on stuff that doesn't work.

David Boddie
Founder, Federal Allies
“Everyone has experienced a time in their career when they hold in their hands what they believe to be a great idea, they don’t have the resources to do it, they know it will work and need others to believe in that dream to make it a reality. I share the ACE Award with Kevin Hailstock for being a trailblazer. All hail Kevin, a man of great character and belief! ”

AMPLIFY - Scale to Omnipresence

Own your market’s attention with multi-channel / platform presence to stay top of mind and constantly in front of your ideal customer. Multiply your current promotional impact. Increase income but decrease workload and stress.

Russell Brown
Capitol Productions
“We were pleased that he delivered a return on investment over 9x the several thousand dollar budget he managed. He successfully sold tickets ranging from $110 - $1000+ online and was able to fine tune the online sales engine.”

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Our Mission

Elevated Entrepreneurship For All!

We believe in the power and potential of the web and internet to transform businesses and lives. We believe in empowering you to take advantage of that and Realize your e-Potential. Our mission is to help you better stack up and take advantage of the ever-evolving channels to grow your voice and business.

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